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Erika H. Siegel

PHD, Sr. Research Scientist, HP, Inc


Dr. Erika Siegel is a behavioral and affective scientist by training and a senior research scientist on the Omnicept AI team at HP Labs. In her current role, she work on developing AI solutions that deliver real time insights to “peek into the minds” of users in VR.

Our premier insight is cognitive load (released as part of the HP Reverb G2: Omnicept Edition) which delivers a real-time index of mental effort using embedded biosensors.

Her training is in affective science and psychophysiology and is informed by social psychology, cognitive science, developmental psychology, and neuroanatomy.

Talk Title and Description:


Emerging XR Technology and the impacts on Learning


If you want to glimpse the potential of XR, you won’t want to miss this discussion with HP’s Sr. behavioral scientist, Dr. Erika Siegel and Mike Belcher, HP’s Director of Edtech Innovation. We’ll dive into how emerging technologies like bio-sensors accessing unique user data when combined with AI, can provide much deeper understanding and insights on how our bodies react and minds are able to handle the Cognitive load during VR experiences.

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